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Statue Re-Erected and Restored
Together With Cross and Cornerstone

Cross and cornerstone
Cross and cornerstone

On March 18, 2012, our Archbishop, Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., celebrated our Mass in honor of the 800th anniversary of the beginning of our Poor Clare Order by our Mother St. Clare in Assisi, and also the ninth anniversary of the dedication of our monastery here in 2003. After the concelebrated Mass, Cardinal George held a ceremonial groundbreaking for the site of our Poor Clare mausoleum and offered the prayers of blessing for the future resting place to be erected for our sisters.

On August 11, our Auxiliary Bishop Andrew Wypych celebrated the solemnity Mass of our Mother St. Clare. Later that day, we were privileged to have our loved Shepherd, Francis Cardinal George, stop by for a visit on this feast day of our foundress. He was pleased to see that, where he had broken ground for the mausoleum on March 18, a structure was rising.

By the end of August, things literally got moving, as three large concrete sections of St. Colette’s statue and the 1917 cornerstone from the Poor Clare monastery on Laflin Street, left their resting place of nine years, to be placed by the construction site. The cornerstone was inserted into the mausoleum wall that very day, and in the days to come, the sections of the statue were also erected, until on September 4, our beautiful Mother St. Colette stood, whole and entire. 

St. Colette
Saint Colette — restored

A Doorway of Faith

The carved words “In nidulo meo, moriar” (In my little nest, shall I die), are now set above the entrance, making it truly a doorway of faith, opening into the mystery of eternal life, and affirmed by the word one sees upon entering the little chapel: “Resurrexi” (I have risen)!

Now we rejoice to see our completed mausoleum building with its gleaming doors and windows, grateful for all of our good friends who have helped us "let in the light." We pray that the light of our Lord and Savior, truly risen from the dead and dwelling with us always as He promised, may abide with you and guide you on your journey through life to your eternal goal.

You and your loved ones will be gratefully remembered in the prayers of your Poor Clare Nuns, Palos Park, Illinois.


Mausoleum completed
Completed Mausoleum building with doors and windows in place.

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